Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Casio G-Shock GW-9200RJ-4JF Men in Rescue Orange

Yesterday I wore and took pictures of (but didn't have time to post about) a Casio G-Shock I bought just over two years ago. It's a GW-9200RJ-4JF Riseman (not to be confused with the original Riseman) and is part of the Men in Rescue Orange series. Not to bore you with minutiae, but the watches pictured in that link are actually the "export" versions. The U.S. got the export version, but I bought this from a person who imported it from Japan. In the case of the Riseman, the main differences are the lack of radio controlled atomic timekeeping (Multiband 6) on the U.S. version, and a different caseback. The caseback on the U.S. version has an engraving of a dragon while the Japanese version has a flying squirrel. Both versions have the orange-tinted display and very cool backlight graphic, described by Casio as "a special multi-purpose rescue tool". The watch is great for a number of reasons: It's bright orange, and I love bright orange, so I love wearing it (especially if I'm wearing some coordinating orange clothes or shoes.) It's big and chunky, similar to a Frogman, but somehow looks more futuristic. It has great functionality, including a thermometer, barometer, altimeter, world time, 5 alarms, etc. Second only to my Pathfinder PAW-1300 in functionality, which adds a compass but gives up some water resistance. This is one of my watches that gets worn very regularly, especially in the summer, and I don't believe I'll tire of it anytime soon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Casio G-Shock DW-6900CS-1DR

Do you like 6900s? Of course you do! It's one of the most iconic G-Shock designs, often imitated but never duplicated. Even when Casio wanted to update the classic with Tough Solar and Multi Band 6 technologies, they didn't mess with the design. This 6900 I'm wearing today is from the "Crazy Colors" series. I believe it part of the first series, but Casio have done many more since then. It seems they were pretty popular. As you can see in the photos, this watch doesn't deviate from the classic three-eye 6900 design. The bright green face, markings and even LCD panel and backlight are all pretty unique. Adding to the flashiness is the case and band which are finished in high-gloss black instead of the more traditional matte finish. The whole package really pops and gets plenty of attention year-round.