Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pirelli P-Zero Tempo Automatic

I actually got this watch close to two years ago, just never blogged about it. I've always been into cars, even before I was into watches, and a while ago I had a couple MOMO Design watches, but I found them to be too small so I sold them. Since then I'd always been on the lookout for a watch with ties to the car or motorsports world, so even though I lusted after a TAG Heuer Monaco and had an interest in some of the racier Orient watches I hadn't decided on anything. When I saw the Pirelli automatic on sale I couldn't resist. (I actually bought a Pirelli chronograph just before this watch and will post about it in the future.) It appeared that the current Pirelli watch collection was being closed out around that time, so there were some sales around, including this one and the automatic chronograph. This automatic is very nice: Swiss made, ETA 2836-2 movement, anti-reflective coatings on both sides of the crystal and, of course, the signature Pirelli tire tread strap. All of that generation of Pirelli watches were manufactured by Philip Watch which is a brand owned by Morellato & Sector S.p.a, who also make Sector watches. Quality is as expected in a Swiss made watch, and the various materials and surfaces mate almost seamlessly. The look is certainly sleek and European, but also industrial, and reminiscent of the machined and polished surfaces found inside a car engine. The case is not quite 40mm wide, but it wears a little larger because it is long. The caseback says "titanium and stainless steel", but I'm not sure which parts are which. I suspect most of the case is titanium as the watch is relatively light. The dial is simple and legible and also seems to mimic the dials on auto gauges. There is no shortage of Pirelli branding on the watch. I counted eight logos or text on the watch, including the rather clever touch of engraving "Pirelli" around the crown which allows the crown to be a straight cylinder but still have a surface you can grasp for winding and setting. I'm very happy with my Pirelli watch and I would consider getting another one in the future.

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Vasil Trajanovski said...

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I want to know how I can get new belt for the watch.

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