Thursday, February 10, 2011

Casio G-Shock X DGK GX56DGK-1

Today I have my first purple watch. I considered getting a purple G-Shock for a while, but when I saw this 6900 in person I thought it was a little girly. Then I saw this 6900 BAPE collaboration online and thought it might be better, but I was not willing to pay BAPE prices (retail or secondary market) just to have a purple watch. When I first heard about the DGK collaboration I wasn't really excited as I wasn't happy with the previous purple model I saw in person, and with it being limited I envisioned another Dee & Ricky situation, where the $130 watch quickly became a $400 watch. I missed that model at retail and have been kind of kicking my myself about it, so when I saw the GX56DGK-1 in person and actually really liked the purple and rest of the design, I had to buy it (well, 3, actually.) One of them I put on eBay, one I'll keep and one I ended up trading for another limited edition (which I will post after I receive it.) This is actually my third GX56, although I haven't gotten around to posting about the other ones. I think the GX56 is an inspired design. It has a shape that seems to be inspired by the original G-Shock, but increased to giant size (as is the current style.) It's like a classic G-Shock on steroids. It even has a similar display to the 5000/5600, but now instead of being surrounded by printing on the crystal, you can see through to a new shock absorbing structure which looks as tough as I'm sure it is. It supposedly has the same shock-resistance as other G-Shocks (no wild claims have been made, as far as I know) but now that shock absorber is part of the design and on display for the world to see. I wasn't really familiar with DGK and Stevie Williams before, but they seem like a pretty cool company and I do like a number of their designs. The color scheme and DGK branding on the GX56 works well and I think compliments the sort of industrial, gritty design of the watch. Now I see there are a number of new purple-accented G-Shocks being released, including a Frogman, so I have to think DGK was slightly ahead of their time with their color scheme. I think DGK did a great job and I would like to see another collaboration with them in the future.

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