Monday, April 18, 2011

Casio G-Shock GLS-5600V-1

Today I'm wearing my GLS-5600V-1, which is part of the G-Shock G-LIDE line. This one is relatively subdued, but does have the bright pink dial and text which makes it a nice accessory if you're already wearing some bright pink (and a totally pink watch would just be too much.) You can see it is very similar to a regular 5600, but it has a totally different module. This one also has the glossy black case, and unique to the G-LIDE line, a wide fabric strap with a combination of velcro and a plastic latch to keep it on your wrist. The G-LIDE line is said to be surf-inspired, but it seems like it would be suitable for any sort of action sports. Sjors has a good article about this watch on his site. I really like this watch and wearing it today makes me want to pick up the green version.

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