Friday, January 2, 2009

Casio G-Shock G-5500R-1DR Rastafarian

Remember last year (Wednesday) when I said "I have two other 5500s"? Yeah, that was sort of a lie. Well, not a lie so much as an error of omission. I guess for the purposes of blog continuity I only had two other 5500s at that point, but I actually already had today's 5500 as well. I got it for Christmas like the last two, but this one I bought myself. When my wife told me she wanted to get me the other two (yes, she told me in advance to make sure I liked them and hadn't already ordered them myself) I decided to order a couple other G-Shocks I had been wanting from the same overseas merchant. This 5500 is part of the latest Rastafarian series, just like my DW-6900R-7. I think the 5500 is the least unique of the three as from the front it looks virtually identical to the Dawn Black 5500 (the Dawn Black even has gold-tone screws which this one does not.) The few nice touches on this one do make it worth having, especially if you really like the other two watches in this Rastafarian series, which I do. The tri-color nylon keepers are shared by all three models, as is the Lion of Judah in the backlight (although it's not as bright as on the non-solar versions.) This one also has gold printing on the bezel and band unlike the mix of white and gold on the Dawn Black. Overall, it's a subtle but nice special edition of the increasingly popular 5500. Happy New Year!


LLinNYC said...

Great photos, Jason. I'm a trend forecaster and wanted to ask a fan/expert some questions about G-Shocks and Baby-Gs. Would you be willing to answer a few? If so, please email me.



Jason said...

I just sent you an email through the contact email at (since I didn't have any other email to reach you at.) I'd be happy to answer any questions.


TaV said...

Hey Jason, i am the guy that gave u a comment on your Raketa. I would like to talk more about watches. We can talk throught mail if you want or on yahoo messenger. I haven't seen youre mail so i gave you my mail :

Hope we would talk,
Regards from Romania