Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Casio G-Shock DW-8080

Today I'm wearing a slightly oddball G-Shock. This one has the same 1180 module as the DW-8100 which is often called the "Gundam" due to the style of the case. My DW-8080 has a more compact case, but it's still a good deal bulkier than a typical 5600-style G-Shock, sort of like a 5600 on steroids. It really does seem like it means business and is carved out of a big chunk of tough resin. The "SHOCK" and "RESIST" embossed on either side of the face serve to drive that point home. As you can kind of see in the pics, when the backlight is activated the upper display changes from the date to scroll "Time to get Tough" follwed by a "G". Occasionally, the G will come up backwards. I'm not sure how often nor the reason for this, but it's interesting nonetheless. The display also has blocks numbered 1 through 5 which count with the seconds, they fill up then count down repeating their pattern every ten seconds. The color scheme on this one has a gold-tinted display and mostly gold printing, unlike most I've seen with a normal display and red printing. It actually reminds me of the new "Dawn Black" anniversary series but it's missing the gold pushers on the sides.

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loco_ss said...


I simply love this watch - any idea where i can get one - i know its kinda vintage (circa 1990's).

Let me know if you have any leads :)