Friday, April 18, 2008

Sector Aviation Instrument Compass Chronograph

The watch I'm wearing today is probably one of my most unique watches and definitely one of my biggest. Including the crowns it's over 2 inches across (over 56mm) but less than 12mm thick. From lug-to-lug it's 55mm and you can see in the wrist picture it's about as tall as my wrist is wide. I'd be lying if I said the ridiculous size wasn't one of the reasons I bought this watch, but it wasn't the only reason. First off, I have seen oversized "novelty" watches before from various manufacturers, typically "fashion watch" makers, like Nautica. Frankly, I don't like to throw away my money on junk (I throw away money on good stuff!) so when I saw that Sector made this watch, I was much more interested. They are a legitimate watch manufacturer, although not incredibly well known in this country. I've been very happy with my other Sector, and when I realized I could get this one on eBay for hundreds less than other similar watches and about half of retail, well, I almost didn't have a choice. It also comes with a similarly oversized box-o'-goodies that includes a spring bar tool, a wide velcro strap and a Sector-branded pouch containing an aluminum single-AAA flashlight and Sector-branded Leatherman-like multi-tool. But let's get to the design: It really shares very little with any other watches. Sure, you could compare the strap buckle to a Panerai buckle, or the case deign to the Bell & Ross Instrument Series watches, but the Sector is different enough to be judged on its own. It's definitely made to look like an aircraft instrument, and it would be just at home on the dashboard of an airplane as on your wrist. It has some nice little touches on the various dials that remind you of this, like the diagonal stripes next to the date and the red checked second hand. The plain black strap is quite an uninspired design with a lining more interesting than the visible side of the strap, but the buckle's not bad. It does have some features that you could call "practical", like the independent movement on the left, set by the adjacent crown, which I have set for west coast time. Or the compass on the lower left (which might be too small to be of much use.) Or, actually, the chronograph function, which works very well, is smooth and resets perfectly every time. I've really never had a complaint about a Japanese chronograph movement and this watch is no exception. So, in the end, this is an enormous, entertaining, unique conversation piece which you really shouldn't wear if you don't want attention. I'm sure opinions will vary between "hideous" and "cool" with more than a few people thinking it's equal parts of each, or feeling one way initially then the other later on. I think it's a fun watch, I look forward to trying some different straps on it and seeing what kind of reaction it gets out in the real world.


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can i by this watch and wat is the prys