Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Casio G-Shock G-9000-3V Mudman

Today's watch is one of the new Mudman models. Here's one of my original Mudmen for comparison. At some point I'll try to do some side-by-side pics of old vs. new Mudmen. The new mudmen are available in a number of color schemes, including some cool camouflage, with both standard and reverse displays. They're pretty basic as far as recent G-Shocks go, lacking solar power and atomic timekeeping. The do have 5 alarms (not that I know what to do with that many) as well as all the normal G-Shock stuff including stopwatch and countdown timer. It has the cool moleman on the caseback (in this case looking like an off-road racer) which definitely connects it to the earlier Mudman models. At 46mm across it's not especially big for a G-Shock, but it's a good size and quite comfortable. I like these new mudmen quite a bit, and while I have two, I would not mind adding a few more, especially if one is the 25th Anniversary edition.

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