Monday, April 14, 2008

Citizen Eco-Drive Sailhawk Yacht Timer JR4034-53E

Man, what a day, and I'm sure I'll just get busier as we get into summer. I didn't really "forget" about posting, it just got pushed back further and further until I almost ran out of day. Anyway, today's watch is this Citizen Eco-Drive Sailhawk. It is said this is the official watch of the America's Cup team Stars & Stripes, but it doesn't make any mention of it on the watch or packaging like this watch does. The functions are pretty much the same but I actually like the looks of this new model better. It has a Rolex Yacht-Master-ish bezel (although in titanium instead of platinum) and even a similar bracelet. The dial is, of course, all Citizen, with inset digital displays as well as the function dial at 6 o'clock to show what mode the watch is in. The yellow accents are a nice touch, and work well with the dark dial, which is actually the very deep purple which is common to solar panels. Eco-Drives are all solar, if I didn't mention that before and you didn't happen to know. This being a more modern Eco-Drive than my GMT, it is supposed to keep time for 4 years(!) in total darkness on a full charge (vs. the 6 months for the older one.) It also has lots of functions, which I can't begin to describe here because I don't understand how they all work myself. I'll just copy from Amazon because I'm getting tired: "The large, silver-tone watch measures approximately 1.7 inches wide. Timing features include a yacht racing timer, time and calendar in twenty-two time zones, thirty cities, two world time alarms, a 99-minute countdown timer, one-touch interchangeable analog/digital time, and 1/100-second chronograph that measures up to 24 hours. The black face includes three subdials (24-hour, mode hand, and race timer/minute register) and large luminous hands. The band is joined by a push-button safety clasp. Other features include water resistance to 100 meters (330 feet) and a scratch-resistant, non-reflective mineral crystal." I have actually been in a few yacht races as a crew member, but that was years before I got this watch so I never had occasion to try out its yacht racing-specific functions for real. It's a really nice watch and is a great example of Citizen's ability to pack a huge amount of technology into a compact and attractive package.

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Where can I find a replacement strap for this watch? Thanks. @recordscratcher Twitter