Friday, April 11, 2008

Seiko SKXA51 "Orange Knight" Automatic Diver

Ok, so not a very original or imaginative choice today, but definitely one of my favorite watches. Don't ask me who came up with the "Knight" nickname for this series of watches, I guess the same people who named the "Monster". There are a number of models that share the "Knight" designation, including black, silver and orange dials and quartz, Kinetic and automatic movements. The SKXA51, or Orange Knight, that I'm wearing today is an automatic and only available with the rubber strap. I believe all the other Knights come on stainless bracelets, as did the White Knight that is also in my collection. The strap is somewhat different than normal Seiko dive straps (like the Z-20 or Z-22) because the Knight watches all share a 15mm lug width (where the bracelet or strap attaches to the watch.) This makes for a bracelet that is more well integrated into the case itself, but if you attached a normal 15mm wide strap it would look silly. The rubber Knight strap has more normal strap width, but is narrower between the lugs to fit the Knight case. I have also seen people cut down 22mm leather straps to fit the same way and sometimes it looks quite nice. It's another great Seiko diver that's always a joy to wear, somewhat less chunky than an SKX173 or the like, and dressier looking, or at least more mainstream looking, especially the black or silver dial models on the bracelet.

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