Friday, June 27, 2008

Non-Stop G-Shocks: DW-6100CF-3 G-Python

Shortly after I wore and wrote about this watch I found a brand new green camouflage version and bought it, and today I'm wearing it. So, everything about the other watch also applies to this one. I am a little disappointed that the watch has black "G-SHOCK" writing at the top, and the orange "G" at the bottom is kind of a muted orange, unlike the picture here. But it's a small nitpick, and I'm very happy to have it. Of course now I'm looking for the blue and grey camo 5600s to complete my G-Python collection.


Sjors said...

Hi Jason,

The photo's at Javy's are stock photo's. These photo's are made of the "Study models". Mos of the time the real watch looks the same. Probably the lettering of G-Shock was changed. Indeed an orange toping would have been nice and in muted orange, it would not have been too much off for a camouflage watch.

Maybe you have seen the salesman page of the G-9010, posted by Michael (MSG, it's on WUS and My G-Shock). If you look good in the small writing, you see that the watch pictured can be different from the final watch.



reid hunter said...

I have a question, if I wanted to get a Camo G-shock, where would the best place for me to look be? Do they still sell them in stores?

sOLeH oWn said...

Sell for me please

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy this watch from?

Jason said...

Chris, I don't recall the name of the seller, but I believe it was a private seller in Japan via eBay.