Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Guess Quartz

Today I'm wearing another Guess watch (I promise to wear something other than a Guess watch tomorrow) this time in a very conventional, even classic, style. It's a "6-eater", meaning the seconds dial covers where the 6 would normally be. I had every intention of putting a new power cell in this one, but after opening it up this morning I realized I didn't have the proper size, only larger or smaller. Did I mention before that my biggest complaint about non-solar electric-powered watches is their batteries die when you keep them in storage too long? That's almost enough reason for me to swear off those watches entirely, although I do have some that I like very much, not to mention a number of non-solar G-Shocks. This one is simple and good looking and the more I look at it the more I'd like to get something similar with a mechanical (handwind or automatic) movement. The leather strap on this one also looks good, but isn't the greatest quality; the leather on the fixed keeper started peeling off of its paper substrate so I amputated the whole thing. The remaining keeper works fine.

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