Thursday, October 9, 2008

Casio G-Shock DW-6925E-7 Glorious Gold

Today I'm wearing my other new watch, the 6900 from the Glorious Gold collection. It's very similar to all my other 6900 G-Shock models, but has the 25th Anniversary caseback and the Glorious Gold color scheme. It's very nice and I'm becoming a really big fan of the 6900. Casio puts out some really nice versions of the 6900, and teh base watch itself has a lot going for it: it's big and chunky without being "oversized", it has a large, legible dial, and it has easy-to-use EL button and bright backlight (because it's battery-powered, not solar.) I suppose Casio could come out with an atomic solar version of the 6900, but I still think these stylish, practical originals would have a place in the collections and on the wrists of most G-Shock fans.

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