Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bulova Quartz

Today I'm wearing this Bulova quartz from 1980. It's another of my quartz watches that I don't currently have a power cell for. Wouldn't it be nice if there were, say, 5 sizes of watch power cells? In reality, there are probably 50 or more sizes. So while I have a large selection, and I try to buy extras whenever I replace any, there are some sizes that I simply don't have. I did manage to find a cell that almost fit, and the watch started and ran, but it was too tall to get the back on. Knowing that the watch works, I'm inclined to find the right cell size since I think it's pretty good looking. For some reason I don't see too many watches with gold (-plated) cases and gold (-tone) faces, but it's a nice look. It's on a genuine water buffalo strap which is also nice, but maybe a little too rustic for a dressier watch like this.

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