Friday, October 3, 2008

Guess Athletic Quartz

Today I'm wearing my Guess Athletic quartz watch. I picked up a number of these close to ten years ago at a discount store. These were the same watches that would have been $60 or so in a department store at the time, but I got them for much less. Obviously, this was before I was serious about watch collecting, but I still enjoyed wearing this quite a bit. It's very similar to a G-Shock in it's construction. It has a metal case with a protective resin covering and a screw-in caseback. It also has an Indiglo EL backlight which illuminates when the button at 8 o'clock is pushed. The crystal is domed which makes the dial look distorted from some angles but reduces reflections when you view it directly. I think the case, dial and hands are all pretty good looking, and the whole thing is comfortable to wear. As far as cheap "fashion watches" go this one could be a lot worse.

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estersofy said...

I have one "similar" but the way that the strap get the watch is different. I need a new strap but I didn't find it on internet.