Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gruen Quartz Chronograph

Can you tell I'm getting to the bottom of the barrel? (No pun intended for the true watch geeks out there.) Today I'm wearing this Gruen chronograph that I picked up sometime in the past ten years but I've never worn. Not a bad looking watch, and it has a Japanese movement, so when I popped a new power cell in it started working perfectly and has been keeping excellent time. It's also unlike most of my chronographs as the big red seconds hand is not the chronograph hand, it's the regular seconds hand. It also has a 1/10 second hand which is fun to watch since it makes one revolution every second when the chronograph is running. But there ends the good stuff. It feels much cheaper than it looks in the photographs. Cheap all around, from the folded-link hair-pulling bracelet to the fixed bezel and snap-on caseback. I was thinking I should get rid of this one soon, but I wondered "Who would want it?" Then I remembered eBay.

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