Friday, October 17, 2008

Timex Helix A/D Anadigi

Today I'm wearing one of my remaining Timex Helix watches. I originally bought four of these (two styles and two colors of each style) but I think I gave one away and one other has a broken strap. A replacement strap might be impossible to find, and if I do it will probably cost as much as I paid for the watch originally. So I'm left with this watch and another Helix that you'll see next week. I was definitely drawn to the outer-space looks of this one, as well as the closeout price (something like $10.) Upon further inspection it has some pretty neat features, like rotating pushbutton crowns for selecting functions ans setting the time. Even the digital time is set in a conventional manner: you pull out the crown and rotate to change the date or time depending on what mode you are in. These see quite a bit of use doing things I wouldn't even subject a G-Shock to, like painting or staining or very muddy or dirty home and garden tasks. It's probably why one of the straps broke so quickly and definitely why this one has scuffs, scratches and paint all over it. Fortunately it take a common watch cell which it has embossed on the outside of the caseback. If only some of the manufacturers of my other quartz watches were so considerate, I'd probably have another dozen running watches right now.

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