Friday, September 19, 2008

Hamilton Lloyd Automatic

Today I'm wearing my Hamilton Lloyd automatic. This is another of my seldom-worn dress watches, mainly because I get dressed up only rarely. It actually works as a casual watch as well since it has a funky look to it and is a decent size. Because it's square and has relatively long lugs, it wears bigger than the 36mm width would imply. The dial and crystal are really stunning. The engraved pattern of repeating vertical lines on the dial make it change color (depending on the light and viewing angle) from black to silver and various levels of gray in between. The applied silver-tone numerals are very attractive, as are the heavily domed sapphire crystal and heavy stainless case. I've heard some people describe this watch as having "screws" on the bezel, but the details on the corners are actually just machined indentations, perhaps to mimic the look of screws or diamonds/gemstones. I find the whole package very attractive and I will make an effort to wear it more often (either on non-workdays or once I run out of watches for this blog, of course.) I believe this watch is no longer in production, as Hamilton currently only lists the quartz Lloyd chronograph on their site. The Lloyd automatic is still available from many retailers, so if you like it and see one available you might want to buy it while you have the chance.

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