Monday, September 8, 2008

Vintage Bulova Automatic

I'm wearing another vintage piece today, a Bulova from 1953. One of the reasons I'm doing this blog is to catalog my watches, including a number that my father collected over the years. Many of the watches that used to be my father's I haven't even taken a good look at yet. I was very surprised when I pulled this one out as it's a little different than many of the other vintage watches you see here. First off, it's automatic. It's something that we kind of take for granted today, but I believe this would have been a more expensive watch than many of my similar handwind models from this era. Second, the case seems to be all stainless (including the screw-in caseback) with gold plating. This means the case has stood up very well over time. Where a regular gold filled case would probably have pitting or heavy wear on the elaborate lugs this has little to none. The ends the lugs are still pointy, and the lines down the sides are still well defined. Since it's from 1953, I believe it's my earliest watch with these relatively advanced features. Not to mention it's still a very nice looking watch. I might have to think about getting a nice leather strap for this one as I think it's a keeper and the expanding bracelet is a bit unattractive and mundane.

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Philip said...

I have a '57 with the same exact dial...different lugs, however. Is yours a 32mm (without crown)?