Thursday, July 3, 2008

Non-Stop G-Shocks Bonus Edition: Vintage DW-5400-C9 "Diver"

This isn't what I'm wearing today (that will be coming later) but I wanted to post something about this watch that I just received from an eBay seller. I have asked the seller if they know where the watch came from or how it was used, but no information so far. The watch model is DW-5400-C9 (gold-tone buttons, screws and trim) that began production in May of 1985. It has been enclosed in a heavy, seemingly waterproof enclosure that is made to strap over a wetsuit, possibly on a forearm as the strap is quite long. The seller thought the screw-on front of the case might have been cross threaded, but it seems like it was probably just corroded and caked with salt and sand. I was able to open it easily by clamping the base in a vice and using some long adjustable pliers to grab the front portion. The watch itself is in ok condition. The face and caseback are devoid of serious scratches and the buttons are all intact. One interesting thing is that the bezel screws and lugs have been ground down slightly, most likely to get the watch to fit in the case properly. In the last three photos you can see where material has been removed from the screws and lugs. It appears that whoever did this ground straight through the original bezel, not that it really matters since the bezel is in poor condition and just keeps breaking into more pieces the more I handle it. One of the bezel screws is broken off, but I might be able to drill it out with a lot of patience. I'm not even sure if replacement gold-tone screws are available, but I know that replacement bezels are very hard to come by. Unless Casio (or, I suppose, somebody else) decides to start making replacements I think I have two choices: Replace the bezel with that of a DW-5600C, which would look slightly weird but work just fine or, leave the watch in it's extreme-duty deep-sea casing and keep it for its novelty. Sure, I won't be able to wear it that way, but it's definitely a conversation starter.

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Sjors said...

Hi Jason,

Cool you bought that watch. I was monitoring it too. It would be great if you could place a DW-5400/DW-5700 bezel on it.