Monday, July 7, 2008

Non-Stop G-Shocks: DW5025B-7V Rising White

Today's watch is similar to the Ocean Gray DW-5025 I wore Thursday. It's also a 25th anniversary edition, but this is part of the Rising White collection (and there are apparently a couple more not shown at the Javy's page.) Like the Ocean Gray watch this one also has a screwback and construction very similar to the original DW-5000C G-Shocks. Unique touches on this one include the gold-tone buttons, screws, caseback and buckle, reverse LCD with gold background and gold details on the face and bezel. As you can see in the photos the reverse display is not very legible in anything but very bright light (like when I used the flash for the wrist shot) but does give a unique look to the watch. I actually have two of this model, but one is a little more "special" and I'll probably be wearing that one later this week.

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