Thursday, July 10, 2008

Non-Stop G-Shocks: DW-8250Y-9T Men in Yellow Frogman

Today's watch is my penultimate Men in Yellow G-Shock, my DW-8250Y-9 Frogman. Coincidentally, my final Men in Yellow watch, the Fisherman, is waiting for me at the post office today. This Frogman was issued in 1998 and it's my oldest Frogman right now. Other than its striking yellow color, it is also unique due to its stainless steel case. Most Frogmen have titanium cases and the stainless steel on this model makes for a much heavier watch. It doesn't throw off the balance of the watch when worn, but does make it a little difficult to balance it for photos. The stainless steel case was also used on the DW-8250WC-7AT and DW-8250WC-7BT models as well as another yellow Frogman, the DW-8250YU-9T issued in 1999. This particular watch I purchased used, and while it's in good shape overall, the band and bezel have aged somewhat and are no longer their original bright yellow, but more of an orange-tinged yellow. It's not incredibly obvious until I the watch is next to something bright yellow, like one of my other Men in Yellow G-Shocks. I'm still very happy to have it in my collection and don't really anticipate finding a better example for a price that I would be willing to pay. This one is fine for me, although I really should replace the strap keeper; the original one was brittle and disintegrated the first time I wore the watch.


Anonymous said...

Interesting review. It's cleared up one thing for me: I got a yellow frogman with a slightly uneven tan line. The bezel is a rich dark yellow as you describe, and the strap is slightly paler. I had wondered which one is the original colour - so thanks.

I quite like the darker shade, so I am planning to bring the strap down to that same darker shade by exposing it to the light while covering up the bezel so that doesn't age anymore.

Do you have any idea if that will work, or how long it takes for slight discoloration to set in? Thanks again.

Jason said...

I've never tried anything like that, but maybe try asking on the WUS G-Shock Forum. You could remove the strap and just secure outside somewhere and that might accelerate the process. I still fear it could take months or more. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Of course it makes more sense to remove the strap! Duh!

I just wonder how long it will take to even the colour shading. Thanks for your suggestion Jason.