Monday, May 12, 2008

Casio G-Shock DW6900MC-7A

I still haven't set out a schedule to what kind of watch I wear on each day of the week, and I have to say, it is becoming increasingly difficult to pick a watch. Sure, I always have watches I like and like to wear (at least until I start running out of them) but I know once I wear it, that's it, it's going back in the box/drawer/case and won't appear on this blog again. My goal is actually to wear a different watch every workday for a year. If I make it that long, who knows what will happen after that. I'm aware when I'm choosing a watch that today is the day I write up something about it, so yes, I'm being picky, and I don't want to "waste" some of my favorite watches just because I couldn't choose something different. Does that make sense or just sound crazy? I just re-read it and it sounds crazy to me.

So, today I'm wearing a DW6900MC-7A, part of the "Jam'in Color" series. This is a watch that I wear very rarely for no particular reason (other than I have too many watches.) I actually like it a lot. It is my only G-Shock 6900 and I'm always surprised at how large this case design is on the wrist. The Jam'in color watches came out in 2006 and employed a brand new molding technique that injects two colors of plastics into the mold to make a pattern that's part camouflage and part tie-dye. Because the mixing is random, no two Jam'in Color watches are exactly alike. Released at the same time were purple and red versions which are also very nice looking. Casio has also made some Baby Gs, Mudmen and 5500s using the same case molding technique. I didn't realize before reading this page that all of these Jam'in Color 6900s are made in Japan (I don't know about the other Jam'in Color models.) Typical "cheap" G-Shocks are made in China or Malaysia (and probably other places) while higher-end G-Shocks usually come from Japan. The quality and fit and finish are usually just a little nicer on the Japanese-made watches. This watch doesn't have all the fancy features that some of the newer or more expensive Gs do, but it still does more than I normally would need it to. As seems to be my habit now, after this write-up I have an increased fondness for this watch and wouldn't mind adding some other Jam'in Color 6900s, other Jam'in Color models or other 6900s to my collection.

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