Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Casio G-Shock DW-9350MSJ-2T Raysman Middle Sea Race

I might have chosen the wrong watch for today since I've seen about 10 minutes of sunlight thus far and the solar-powered Raysman I'm wearing could use a good charge. It was so dreary this morning that the watch didn't even snap out of "sleep mode" during my drive to work. I think it's a combination of the watch being in the dark for a long time and the capacitor that it runs on getting old. I didn't have to set it and it's at about half-charge now, so it doesn't seem like it was totally discharged. This model is similar to my other Raysman but actually has a number of significant differences. First, they have different modules, this being a "Yacht Timer" model with a 1584 module while the standard Raysman has the 1583. The circular charge indicator is a clear indicator it's a 1584. Also, I believe all the 1584/yacht timer models also have the combination nylon and resin strap as you see here. The case is the same on both kinds of Raysmen, very large and thick with the oversized, rubber-covered buttons. This is a limited edition model tied to the Middle Sea Race, a yearly yacht race around Sicily organized by the Royal Malta Yacht Club. The stainless steel caseback has a map of the 606 nautical mile race course while the EL backlight features a stylized sailboat logo. I like the Raysman model very much for its sheer size and style and am always on the lookout for them on eBay and elsewhere. I think it would be interesting if Casio released an updated Raysman, as they've done with the Mudman and now Riseman, but I would be very surprised if the size approached that of the original Raysman.

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