Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wenger Commando Chronograph Black Dial

Today's watch is the black-dialed version of this watch. It also came on a black leather band instead of the jubilee-style bracelet. I don't know if it's the different dial color or the strap, but I like the looks of this one better than the blue-dialed one. This is surprising because I chose to buy the blue one while my dad originally bought this one. Now it's mine and I will probably wear it more often than the blue one.

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devildog said...

Hi Jason,

It was interesting what you had to say about your black and blue dialed Wenger Commando watches. I am sort of a Wenger Commando aficionado (or is it freak?)as I own a variety of them. But you may be able to help provide an answer to a nagging question I've had about some of these. Every one of these designs I have appear to have a magnifying-type domed lens with the exception of a single one that still has a domed lens, but it is more like a clear piece of glass. In other words, it does not cause visible distortion of the dial face or numbers when viewed at a sharp angle. I had the thought that perhaps this one had a replacement crystal because its dial visibility characteristics didn't match the others. So my thinking is that if yours also have the non-distortion lenses, then maybe they offered two types, if you follow my logic... ???

Anyway, great blog.