Monday, June 2, 2008

Timex Ironman Triathalon Chronograph T5B131

Today I'm wearing my Timex Ironman Chronograph. This was the last watch I bought before seriously getting into watches. I was wearing this one when my wife bought me my Hamilton Field Chrono, and I distinctly recall the friendly clerk at Joe's Jewelry looking at my wrist and asking "What are you wearing now?" and me being a little embarrassed to say "Oh, just a Timex." But honestly, it's not a bad watch. It's analog with an alarm, and I only have one other watch with that feature and it cost dozens of times what this one did. The chronograph seems to work well, it has an Indiglo backlight so it's pretty easy to read at night and it seems pretty durable with a 100m water resistance rating. Probably the worst thing that could be said about it is "It's a Timex." I think "Fossil" or "Oakley" would be just as at home on the dial as the case, band and dials all have a really nice look to them. Sure, the band and case don't have the weight nor finish of a $100+ watch, but this one cost me under $30, so I can't complain. (I did some searching around to see if this watch is for sale online right now and it looks like you can get it in the UK, although the $120 price seems a bit ridiculous. I was also reminded that Timex calls this a "Dress" chronograph, and I guess it is dressier than a digital Ironman chronograph, but it's certainly no dress watch.)

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Unknown said...

Hello jason,

This is a very nice looking Timex actually. I normally do not like the look of those IRONMAN models, though I have a HRM version. The look of the watch you posted yesterday is just not my kind of watch. I like it a little chunkier.

The Timex you show today sure looks good. I actually do not know where a casual watch ends and a dress watch begind. In official occasions I like to wear my MRG-121 for instance, but no doubt I think this watch looks a lot dressier than the digital Timex you posted yesterday.

Kind regards,