Monday, June 23, 2008

Non-Stop G-Shocks: G-9000MC-3V Mudman

Since it's now officially summer, and since summer to me means G-Shocks, starting today I'll be wearing a different G-Shock every day until I run out. I seem to have a bigger backlog of Gs anyway, so this will clear the way for other watches in the future. Today I'm wearing one of my newer G-Shock Mudmen. These seem to be pretty popular right now as they're not too expensive, have a fairly chunky case and unique look to them, and come in some cool color combos. I have recently bought a few more that will be posted on the blog, but there's still one that I'd like to buy but I can't justify the somewhat exorbitant price. The one for today has a unique strap that utilizes the same multicolor injection molding technology as the Jam'in Color series. It's a neat camo look, more organic than the printed-on camouflage patterns on other G-Shocks. It coordinates nicely with the green case (lighter than the green of the G-9000-3V) and gold display. Overall, another winning version of a successful modern G-Shock.

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