Thursday, June 26, 2008

Non-Stop G-Shocks: AW-570Y-9 Men In Yellow Gaussman

Today I'm wearing my newest "Men in Yellow" G-Shock, my Gaussman. (When the MIY (Men in Yellow) Fisherman that I've bought gets here then it will be my newest, and my series will be complete.) This one is called the Gaussman because it meets ISO and JIS standards for magnetic resistance. This is also mud resistant as the buttons and case are all sealed. It has a substantial wrist presence because it's big and thick with a large dial and bezel, not to mention the mostly bright yellow case and band. It's quite legible as long as you're reading the analog dial, and you're in good light. As you can see in the photos the backlight only illuminates the subdials, and the digital time window is very small and often difficult to read. I think these are a little less common than the MIY Frogman, Mudman or Riseman, possibly because it was a poor seller initially (I don't think analog G-Shocks had much popularity until more recently) or maybe they just made fewer. In any case, I'm happy I found this one in new condition to wear and add to my collection.

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