Monday, June 30, 2008

Non-Stop G-Shocks: GW-225A-1 Dawn Black Frogman

Today I'm wearing a 25th anniversary G-Shock for the first time. This one is from the Dawn Black series. You can see the whole collection and a good description at G-Peopleland. I have a couple more of the Dawn Black watches, but I don't think I'll ever get all of them. There are a few other 25th anniversary series (Master Blue, Ocean Gray, Rising White and Glorious Gold) that have some other watches I'm more interested in. Other than the black and gold color scheme and special logo on the caseback this is the same as the other GW-200 series Frogmen, which is to say it's big and chunky and virtually indestructible. Definitely more understated than an all white or yellow Frogman, but still difficult to be overlooked.

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ANTON C said...

Great blog Jason! I am a GShock fan too.

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