Thursday, July 24, 2008

Non-Stop G-Shocks: G-9000MC-8V Mudman

Today I'm wearing my last Mudman, the grey camouflage G-9000MC-8V. It's also my third-to-last G-Shock (not counting the one I bought through eBay last night and any others that might follow) so "Non-Stop G-Shocks" will be drawing to a close after tomorrow. Like the green camo G-9000MC-3V Mudman, this one has a multicolor band made by mixing different color plastics during the molding process, like the Jam'in Color series. All the G-Shocks I've seen with the "MC" suffix on the model number have bands, bezels or both, so I suppose it stands for "Multi Color" or something similar. This particular model also has a cool "Dual Illuminator" backlight, with white EL panels behind both the LCD and the panel around the display, which gives it a somewhat ghostly nighttime appearance. It's pretty impressive to me that with all the various Mudman models Casio took the time to fit each one with a different combination of display and backlight colors. It makes each one unique and not just a matter of changing the bezel and band.

I'd also like to mention that today's watch marks my 100th watch worn and posted to my blog. If you've missed any, you can find all the posts under "Blog Archive" on the right side of the page, starting back in March. If nothing else, my photos have gotten much better since then. Thanks to everybody who has been reading, and, as always, feel free to post comments.

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anjin19860 said...

Does this one have the 'auto led' feature too? I love that about my gulfman. This would be perfectly at home on the slopes. Very snowboard chic.