Thursday, July 17, 2008

Non-Stop G-Shocks: DW-5600VT CTU

Today I'm wearing one of my more unique G-Shocks, a limited edition DW-5600 based on the CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) from the television show 24. While I have some other G-Shocks that are supposedly "limited", I believe it is my only one that has a serial number and a set number of pieces. It does not have the serial number engraved on it, but did come with a "Certificate of Authenticity" card with the information on it. I didn't buy one of these when they were initially released, probably because they were not released in the U.S.A. and hard to find even online. I've always been a fan of the show, and the understated looks of this watch and 24 tie-in made it a model I kept an eye out for. When I was recently buying some other Gs from a Japanese seller (puresoulhide) and he had this watch as well, I jumped on it. It's pretty much a typical DW-5600, although the color seems to be a very dark grey rather than the more typical black. The printing on the band seems to be almost teh same color as the band, which makes for a very stealthy appearance. It also has a nice looking grey face with some yellow highlights, and a particularly nice CTU shield engraved on the back. The engraving is different than most I've seen, and I'm still not sure if it's some sort of printing (although it seems too crisp) or maybe some kind of laser etching. Like some of my other more unique G-Shocks, this one is made in Japan. Casio also produced a CTU DW-6900 which features similar markings, but instead of the generic "CTU Agent" in the EL backlight, it says "Jack Bauer", making it the Jack Bauer "signature model" I suppose. As always, I'll keep an eye out for one of those as well.

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jka23 said...

Hi, I am sort of new to the g shock game...only at 4 total...and I love this CTU edition. Do you have any suggestions about where I could find one? I checked Ebay with no luck. Thanks for all the great posts, I've been enjoying them!