Friday, July 11, 2008

Non-Stop G-Shocks: DW-8201WC-7T W.C.C.S. Frogman

Today's watch is one that I've wanted for a long time but only bought recently: a W.C.C.S. (World Coral-Reef Conservation Society) Frogman. This was issued in 1998 and is very similar to yesterday's Men in Yellow Frogman (they are both DW-8200 series with 1294 modules) but the DW-8201WC-7T is all titanium (not stainless steel,) has a translucent clear bezel and strap, has manta ray silhouettes in the EL backlight and has the W.C.C.S. markings on the strap and caseback. Here are some pictures of the watch and packaging from Ozzie. You might recall I posted a previous W.C.C.S. watch, a DW-9600WC-7T which also had the rays in the backlight (and has since been sold to Sjors.) I think I've been drawn to the W.C.C.S. special editions ever since I had a chance to interact with stingrays and explore a coral reef in Grand Cayman a few years ago. I also had a chance to see a coral reef in Bermuda last year even closer and they really are fascinating. It's amazing how many organisms can pack themselves into a relatively small area of coral reef. It seemed like the closer I looked at the reef the more life I would see. Conserving existing reefs and facilitating the creation of new reefs are definitely worthwhile endeavors. Getting back to today's watch... I got this recently from an excellent eBay merchant, puresoulhide, from whom I've bought many new old stock (NOS) G-Shocks. I currently have two other W.C.C.S. G-Shocks that will be featured in the future, but I wouldn't be surprised to find more added to my collection.

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