Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Non-Stop G-Shocks: DW5025B-7V Rising White (G-Shock NYC 25th Anniversary Party Edition)

If you're thinking that you've seen this one before, and I must be cheating by wearing the same watch again, I forgive you, but you're wrong. As I mentioned when I wore my other DW5025B-7V, I have another "special" version of the watch, and today I'm wearing it. This version of the watch was part of a "goodie pack" given out out the G-Shock 25th Anniversary party in NYC on May 14, 2008. The pack also included some other stuff, and while I didn't get the CD or big box, I did get the typical anniversary tin and a T-shirt. The watch is pretty similar to the regular Rising White DW5025, but this one has some unique printing on the bezel and band. The bezel has gold bars and stars on either side of the watch face, as well as a small version of the 25th Anniversary logo (also in gold) below the face. On the strap is an interesting design which looks like a gold camo or random design at first, but it's actually a sliver of the same 25th Anniversary logo turned at an angle. Also on the strap is "WWW.GSHOCK.COM" in black. Here are some links to video of Kanye West's performance at the party, video from another angle, pics from inside and out, (check out the ice sculpture!) more pics (4 pages!) as well as the complete watch set. I looked through all the photos I could find of the event and finally figured out what G-Shock Kanye was wearing: the Glorious Gold DW-6925E-7, yet another watch that was already on my "hit list". I don't know how many of these special DW5025s were produced, but every one that I've seen so far has come from the G-Shock NYC party, so I believe this "factory modified" G-Shock was exclusive to it. I managed to get two watches and two T-shirts (both large, which is too small for me) so I will probably be putting one up for sale shortly.


Unknown said...


Was you bidding on that one too. I very much like this set and of course I love to have this Tee!



Jason said...

I got mine shortly after the event, they might have been the first couple to show up on eBay, so I don't know if you were bidding on those or some more recent ones. I will put my other watch and T-shirt up for sale soon, so keep an eye on the WUS sales forum.