Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Non-Stop G-Shocks: GW-5525A-1 Dawn Black

Continuing my run of 25th Anniversary models from the Dawn Black series, today's watch is my GW-5525A-1. While somewhat similar to the original 5500 and the tough solar modern version, this one adds radio-controlled atomic timekeeping. In fact, it's my first watch to feature the "5 Band" receiver, which will pick up the time signals from Minflingen, Germany; Rugby, England; Fort Collins, Colorado; Fukushima, Japan; and Fukuoka/Saga, Japan. All this technology is wrapped up in a very purposeful, attractive package featuring the gold LCD and black and gold color scheme of the Dawn Black series. Definitely a great watch.

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G-Shock-Lover said...

I bought my 5525a on eBay a couple years ago. I have been wearing G-Shocks since a particularly special birthday back in the mid 1980's. Back then, I had the standard, screw back model. Since then, I've had a few others, including the beloved DW-6100-1V. The GW-5525a is the most comfortable and least imposing model I've had. Solar, atomic, comfortable, and one of the cleanest looking models to date. The gold and black coloring is an excellent visual combination. I hope Casio releases another model in this form factor at some point.