Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Casio G-Shock GW-200TC-4V Frogman

To brighten things up on this dreary Wednesday morning, I decided to wear my red and black "Triple Crown of Surfing" Frogman. It's a big watch but quite comfortable due to the wide strap and offset face. While it appears to be mostly plastic, the actual case is highly polished titanium with a plastic covering. It's solar powered and has all the typical digital watch functions plus a number that are unique to the Frogman series. The "Multi Site Memory" comes pre-programmed with time zones of popular scuba diving sites like Tahiti, Galapagos Islands and Cayman Islands to name a few. You can also program your own locations and time zones. There is an ID entry function that lets you store your blood type, passport numbers and the like, and a dive time log that I've never bothered to figure out since I don't scuba dive. It's an impressive watch, not just for its physical presence but also for the impressive array of features. They have become very collectible in recent years and new Frogman models tend to sell out at retailers fairly quickly. I have a number of them and they'll all make their way to this blog eventually. (I added some new photos to Monday's post so feel free to check them out.)

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bill said...

hey whats up man, where do you pick this one up? i love it, also where do you pick the orange TLC mudman?