Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 5: Casio G-Shock GW5600J-1V

On my wrist today is the Casio G-Shock GW5600J-1V. This watch shares its basic design with the first G-Shock, the iconic DW-5000C-1A from 1983 as well as dozens of similar models since then. I believe this is the most recognizable G-Shock design, which by the late 1980s was also copied by virtually every other digital watch company. This particular watch is one of the newer G-Shock models which includes solar power and radio-controlled atomic timekeeping (which syncs to US or Japanese atomic clocks,) two features that I'm sure were not even imagined back in 1983. It also includes all the typical G-Shock features, like EL backlight (including and Auto-EL function that turns on the light when you tilt your wrist to read the time,) 200m WR, countdown timer and stopwatch. It's much less bulky than some of my other G-Shocks (I might have to add some pics of the GW5600 next to the Raysman since the difference is staggering) but doesn't come off as a "small" watch. The display is very large and legible and it's one of the few watches that I own that I really do forget I'm even wearing. This model was released in late 2005 in Japan and generated quite a bit of excitement since it had the classic style with new technology. I bought mine in 2007 in the USA, and they're pretty common now (and there's even a newer model that can receive time signals in Europe as well) and can be found online and in stores for well under the $100 MSRP. For a "normal" person it could definitely be the only watch they ever need.

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