Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sector 600 Titanium Analog/Digital

I picked out my Sector 600-series analog/digital watch for today. This is a giant watch that would be overly flashy if it wasn't for its very rugged, mechanical appearance. It almost looks dangerous, like a Rambo-style hunting knife. The watch is a mix of stainless steel and titanium, but don't ask me what parts are which. The caseback is definitely stainless, and the band is definitely titanium, but while the rest looks like it is all titanium, I'm not really sure. In any case, it's not a light watch, but would be a lot heavier without the use of titanium. It has a pretty unique crown guard as you can see in the pictures. While you do need to flip it up to adjust the analog time, without moving the guard the crown can also be pushed to turn on the backlight or rotated to change functions. It has chronograph and countdown timer functions, as well as an additional time zone, alarm and day/date. You can also change the display so most of the LCD is off except for the date. It's one of only a few analog/digital watches I currently have and of those it's my favorite.

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