Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hamilton Khaki Action Automatic

Today I'm wearing a Hamilton Khaki Action automatic. I believe this specific model (silver face, all stainless bracelet, automatic) is no longer in production, although I have seen similar ones available new recently. This is the "large" model, which is actually more like mid-size these days. It's about an inch and a half wide if you don't count the crown and guard. The crown guard is a touch unique to the Khaki Action series. When closed, it's impossible to accidentally (or intentionally) pull the crown out, so the 100m water resistance is maintained. To open, you just flip it forward. The whole watch has a nice feel to it, fairly low profile, but with nice touches like the large luminous numbers and dotted center links on the bracelet.

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AJB said...

I can't help but think that this watch should only be worn by airline pilots. When I see this watch, all I can think of are the older spy movies (Our Man Flint) and accompanying harmonized-barber-quartet like songs of the 50s/60s. And, of course, hot-to-death (pronounced "def") stewardesses.