Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Orient Titanium Slide-Rule Automatic

Here you go, not another diver! On my wrist and in front of the camera today is my Orient titanium slide-rule automatic (model #CEM58001B.) Orient is a company I was not at all familiar with before I started collecting watches. They are popular in much of the world, especially the far east, and are currently 52% owned by Seiko Epson. Orient is also one of the few watch companies to still use their own movements rather than sourcing them from other manufacturers. This watch uses and Orient cal. 46P 21 jewel automatic movement with day and date. The day is set by pushing the button above the crown which seems to be common among Orient movements. The watch has a large dial which includes a slide rule ring around the edge which is turned by the lower crown. At one time watches like this were popular with pilots and others who needed to do quick calculations, but I have never really used a slide rule nor taken the time to learn how. The watch did come with a nice manual in case I ever want to learn. The titanium case and bracelet have a very industrial look to them but the entire package is very lightweight. I think overall it is very attractive, legible and unique. Like most of my watches, I feel like I should wear it more often than I do.

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bughammer said...

Lovely Orient and cool blog!
Learning to use the slide rule on these watches takes about 15 minutes and is a lot of fun. It's surprising just what you can calculate with them.