Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 8: Casio G-Shock DW-9600WC-7T W.C.C.S.

I'm wearing today one of my favorite G-Shocks which also seems to be one of the rarer models, a DW-9600WC-7T. I don't regularly see DW-9600s for sale on forums or eBay, and the special editions even less so. This is a special edition made for the World Coral-Reef Conservation Society (I could only find the Japanese website.) As you can see in the pictures it has profiles of sting rays or manta rays in the EL backlight, as well as the W.C.C.S. markings on the band and caseback. This is another G-Shock (like the Frogman) that has a full titanium case and titanium screw-in back (polished in the front with more of a natural finish on the sides and back)surrounded by the plastic protective case. To me, it's very much like a slightly smaller, more conventional looking Frogman. In addition to all the normal G-Shock features like countdown timer, stopwatch and 200m water resistance, this model also features a telephone number memory (30 pages of 8 letters and 12 numbers per page.) It also seems that the band on this one (which is actually easily removed by sliding it off the watch, and could easily be swapped out with a nylon band or the like) is quite long too more easily fit over a wetsuit for diving. I think this is a great watch, but I don't wear it often enough so I'll be letting it go to make room for some new ones.

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AJB said...

:( ... I want a watermark on my Casio G-Shock LCD display. It's clobberin' time!!!!!