Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 3: Casio G-Shock DW-9800NKJ-3JR Wademan

I'm wearing my Casio G-Shock DW-9800NKJ-3JR Wademan "Men in Khaki" watch today. This is another of the "Masters of G" series. While it's definitely unique and large, it's certainly not as stange looking as the Riseman. Before I started collecting G-Shocks I don't think I had any idea how diverse the range of watches was. This particular model includes a compass, thermometer and multiple time zones as well as all the usual G-Shock stuff like stopwatch and 200m water resistance. The Wademan is also the only G-Shock model to have a rotating bezel, and this "Men in Khaki" version is the only one with a black PVD bezel. It has compass directions on it so you can rotate it to match the digital compass bearing, which is taken by pushing the "Bearing" button and shows the direction in degrees as well as indicating north with three segments on the outer LCD ring. While the watch may look all black it's actually very dark green and black with text in silver and orange and a camouflage strap retainer. From what I've read, the "Men in Khaki" models were supposed to have a military look to them and I think this one does it quite well. This series also has the recurring "Moleman" character that shows up on the casebacks and in the EL backlight, in this case looking very outdoorsy with his axe and posing with the tree stump.

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