Thursday, May 22, 2008

Casio G-Shock DW-5600CF-3JF

Today I'm wearing one of my first 5600s, a green camouflage DW-5600 from the G-Python series. I have an affinity for camo, as well as bright orange (no, I'm not a hunter) so when I saw this watch I had to buy it. The reverse display seem s to have an olive background that makes it hard to read even in moderate light without activating the backlight. Not that I really care, I wear it mainly because of the way it looks. This watch will never see any rough treatment either because the camo pattern is not all the way through the plastic (as it is on the Jam'in Color watches,) it is more like a coating applied to it, so there is a chance of damaging it or having it wear or peel off. As with most of these limited series, I would love to pick up some other variations, and with these being camouflage, that goes double.


Sjors said...

Hello Jason,

You have a very nice G-Python. I have the blue DW-5600CF version and also a DW-6100CF version.

A few months after they were released you could pick them up for nice prices, but you won't see them often and the prices are much higher (picked up my first one for around $150.-)



sOLeH oWn said...

Can you sell this for me?