Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Love the '80s Week - Day 2: Swatch Techno-Sphere GK101

Ok, this is more like it. Real '80s style straight from the '80s. This Techno-Sphere model was part of the Color Tech collection and was released in 1985. I'm pretty sure it was my first Swatch, and as you can see, it has not lived a pampered life. If I recall correctly, I did like the Swatch Jelly Fish but it was a little too common and mundane for my tastes. I was definitely into the lime green and pink color schemes of the day, showing up on everything from freestyle bikes to skateboards to surfwear, so the Techno-Sphere was an easy choice for me. If you're not familiar with Swatches, well, read up a little. You'll find that they are surprisingly important in the history of wristwatches. Also, if you're a fan of modern Swiss watches, most likely you've heard of some of the brands owned by the Swatch Group. So back to my watch: I like it, but it hasn't really stood the test of time. I mean, it runs fine, and it looks ok (teenage abuse notwithstanding) but for me it will always be a nostalgic piece, definitely stuck in the late 1980s with very little relevance to my modern watch collecting habits (less so than even a vintage G-Shock I'd wager.) I suppose I should wear it once in a while, just for kicks, and to remind me of the days I could feed my still young watch obsession with $35 Swatches from the local mall.

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Franco said...

Nice find, love the Techno-Sphere, still have one in working condition (minus the band, that snapped decades ago). Would give anything for Swatch to re-release the original series!