Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Love the '80s Week - Day 3: Swatch White Out GW107

Today I'm wearing my Swatch White Out from 1987. This one is definitely a classic and brings back memories of the white Ferrari Testarossa on Miami Vice and the all white (even the grill, wheels, interior, trim, etc.) 6-series BMW driven by Hawk (Avery Brooks) on Spenser for Hire (of which there is not a single photograph on the internet.) This was decades before Apple made all white cool again, if you're into that kind of thing. If the current prices of this vintage model is any indication, it was very popular and many still exist. Maybe this is a model whose style has come back around, but as a man's watch it is very small (33mm wide) by today's standards. One note about this one, while it started running as soon as I put a new battery in and is keeping perfect time, I had to use a knife to pop out the crown and a pliers to turn it to set the time. I believe after years in storage the crown has rusted or otherwise corroded and wedged itself inside the plastic case. Probabaly a light oiling would free things up.


Amanda said...

I always wanted this swatch. Yes I googled it and found your blog. :-)

brent... said...

HA! had one of those in high school - crazy to see it again.