Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT 3T Automatic Diver

Similar to my other Hamilton Khaki Navy diver, today's watch adds a GMT complication (the small 24 hour dial to the left of the red arrow) to keep track of a second time zone (I have it set to Pacific time) and also features a two-piece rotating inner bezel to keep track of a third time zone. Here it is on Hamilton's site. The bezel has one piece that rotates for the time (just as the external bezel on a traditional GMT would) and behind that a ring with exotic beach names. I have mine set to Jumeirah Beach because I had never heard of it before and found it fascinating. Great watch, looks as good as my othe Khaki Navy, maybe better. Unfortunately the bands are not interchangeable between my two Navys as the GMT has a slightly wider lug width, so maybe I'll have to get a bracelet for this one or perhaps a GMT Air Race on a bracelet.

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