Friday, May 2, 2008

Seiko 5 SKZ255K1 "FrankenMonster" Automatic Diver

I think I used up my quota of words yesterday, so I'll try to keep this post short. Today's watch is one I just picked up, a newer Seiko 5 model that is known formally as the SKZ255K1. It has been dubbed "FrankenMonster" by the watch community for its resemblance to both the Seiko SKX779 "Monster" and Frankenstein's monster. Unlike the bolts coming out of Frankenstein's monster's neck, the bolts coming out of the watch hold the black resin shroud to the stainless steel case. It's a big watch at 47mm wide without the crown or bolts and over 50mm with. Definitely bigger than the Seiko Monster. The model I have has a black PVD finish on all the stainless parts (except the caseback) which is a unique touch and adds to its very serious look. Similar models can be had without the black PVD as well as a mix of bright stainless and PVD with dials in yellow, orange, blue and black. It's a very nice watch, very solid with a tight but smooth bezel and real presence on the wrist. The bracelet is very good, but perhaps second to that of the Monster (but few bracelets stand up to that challenge.) While it is a Seiko 5 (which tends to be cheaper and less robust models than the regular Seiko line) the Frankenmonster really does compare directly to the most beefy Seikos and just about any other diving watch out there. I suppose only time will tell how well it holds up, but in my limited experience with it I've been very impressed.

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m_cantar said...

I used to own an "Orange Monster," and I've been looking into buying another one as I really loved that watch. I've recently come across the "FrankenMonster" and I really like its look. So anyways, my question is which would you recommend, the Orange Monster (with a rubber band) or the FrankenMonster (with the black face, and either a metal bracelet or the rubber band)?