Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Love the '80s Week - Day 4: Swatch Mezza Luna GB107

Yes, yet another Swatch. Don't worry, tomorrow will be something different. This one is from 1986. The name means "half moon" in Italian. I don't recall why I picked this one, it was certainly more reserved than most of my other choices, although I do recall neons were on their way out and earth-tones were definitely coming in by the end of the 1980s. I still like the design and think it looks modern even today. In looking for info about this one I ran across the same model in wall clock form. I remember those and I always wanted one, of course, although not necessarily in this style. Occasionally they show up on eBay and are relatively cheap, but I don't think I'm into Swatches enough to buy one now.

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Sjors said...

Hello Jason,

Great theme. I wasn't too fond on Swatches in the eighties, while a lot of friends wore them. Actually this style Swatches are still worn by colleagues and students on my school. It's so '80s and also so of this time too.

I have a friend in Japan, who has besides a nice Seiko collection also a great collection of very special Swatch models in original packaging.

You should check out his weblog from time to time: