Friday, May 16, 2008

Casio Sea Pathfinder SPF40-1V

The watch that I'm wearing today, my Casio Sea Pathfinder SPF40-1V, was my first Pathfinder. I got it pretty recently after seeing it worn by Hugh Laurie on House, M.D. I had always noticed the Hamilton Khaki King he wore and still want to get one, so I was very surprised to see a new watch show up this season, and more surprised that it was digital and huge. I tracked down the model on Casio's website and ordered one the next day. It's not the first time I've done that as I also have some sneakers that I first saw on House. I did think the watch would be a one-shot deal, maybe something to do with the plot of that episode, but it was never mentioned nor shown close up and he's worn it in every episode since. When I recieved it I was pleasantly surprised by the large size (54mm wide x 17mm thick) as well as its legibility and myriad functions. I've since bought some other Pathfinders but the Sea Pathfinder is still the biggest. It also contains some features that my other Pathfinders don't have like yacht race start timer, moon phase and tide graph, but is missing the solar power and radio-controlled atomic time setting. I believe the newest Pathfinder, the PAW1500, has all the features of the regular and Sea Pathfinders (except the yacht timer, I believe) but is probably still smaller than my PAW-1100T. All the gizmos come with a price on the Sea Pathfinder: battery life. It's only rated for 3 years but I'll probably get more since I won't be wearing it too often. I don't think I'll be buying another battery-powered Pathfinder, but I'm very glad I got this one

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Juan Cruz said...

Nice post! I'm a Hugh Laurie`s fan too. I want this clock but unfortunately in Argentina can´t buy. Nobodoys got it.

Sorry for my English!

Good luck!